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  • Make it possible to experience your product before the product is physically available.
  • Illustrate the actual size and application of your product.
  • Create a lasting first impression.

Insider tip

Shorten your go-to-market process, thus enabling your customer to experience the product before the product is physically available.

The ultimate virtual experience

Let people experience your product

You have a nice product or service, but it is rather technical. Or you have a semi-finished product that is part of larger unit so it is difficult to show what it does. Maybe you are in the middle of the development of a product and your customers already request a preview, but you do not have a prototype yet that you can show. Then a virtual product presentation ensures that you still create product experience that leaves an overwhelming impression.

No more boring product presentations

Do you know these presentations where people are looking bored on their phone or struggle not to yawn? This can and must be changed. Product presentations do not have to be boring. It can even become a real experience. It is not just ‘trendy’ to give a presentation in Virtual Reality (VR). It also gives an extra dimension to the product experience. The viewer himself determines what he/she sees or zooms into. It is as if the viewer can touch the product and the product is actually in front of him or her. It also shows that you as organisation are an innovator. A party that is a leader in the market and dares to think out-of-the-box.

Own story

A VR product presentation can also be made as animation, whereby the viewer is shown a short and concise product presentation and does not have to perform any actions. However, it is also possible to make the VR presentation interactive. Then the viewer himself determines the storyline and what he/she is shown. It is also possible to use a VR film or even use a combination of film and animation. Which type that is chosen, completely depends on your wishes, objectives, product or service and target group. Of course, we will advise you on this. We like to provide input for your visual marketing strategy.

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