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  • Make invisible components visible by using the Exploded View.
  • Create a complete 3D experience using 360° visuals.
  • Simply illustrate information about individual components.
  • Provide insight into customer behaviour by using analytics.
  • Use the CMS system to modify content simply.

Insider tip

Users can link their own identity to your product by using a photo-upload function.

Creating an interactive product experience.

Spectacular 3D experience

Would you like to inform your customers about your products in the best possible way? And that without long texts with product information? With a product explorer you create a spectacular 3D experience. Your customers can view your products completely interactive and online and explore these by rotating, zooming and by clicking on product parts.

Changing world

Who still reads a brochure front-to-back nowadays? We rather watch a YouTube film or an interactive presentation that explains us what the possibilities of a product are. Our life is more and more moving towards the digital world. This is a world where image and sound play an important role. So, can you really still come up with a brochure full of texts?

Positive user experience

What if you can first see a product digitally and this way only choose the information that you need at that moment? With a product explorer, with a digital product catalogue, watching product information suddenly becomes a true experience and at the same time a positive user experience is created. 

Make the invisible visible

Provide essential information about the advantages of your product in a clear and smart way by using an exploded view. With this all individual elements of the product become visible. Even a small part that it not visible to the naked eye but that has an important function, can be viewed easier and clearer this way. So, the invisible becomes visible.


Are you looking for a new way to present your products at trade fairs, events or during presentations? The product explorer is a real eye-catcher that displays your product stylishly and clearly. It incites the curiosity and ensures that people (like to) look further. Whether this is elaborated on a large interactive screen, a tablet or simply on the website. We can realise all this for you.

Optimal market introduction

Are you going to introduce a new product? Then share the product explorer online and let your target group experience all the ins and outs of the product, even before they actually have the product in their hands. Combine it with a (online) campaign and this way you ensure an optimal market introduction. There are of course many other possibilities to use the product explorer within your visual marketing. We gladly to advice you about this.

Would you like to know more about the product explorer? Or would you like to know more about the services of C4Real? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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