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  • Show why your organisation matters.
  • Illustrate your organisation’s rationale.
  • Show its social value.

Insider tip

By having your identity take visual shape you foster your target groups’ involvement, groups ranging from employees to customers and stakeholders.

create commitment

Having an impressive corporate video produced

Leaving a good impression in a short period of time. Don’t you want that too? In a world where information becomes more and more available it is important that you make your customers aware and enthusiastic about your organisation in a short period of time. A professional corporate video supports this as your customers can quickly see and understand who you are and what you can do for them. Moving images draw attention and by using a good imaging technique this attention is kept throughout the whole video. This way your message will come across in the best possible way and you leave a unique and overwhelming impression.

Make your identity come alive

Show what you stand for. Let your (potential) customers experience why they should do business with your organisation. Make your identity come alive and ensure for a business presentation which your customers cannot ignore. 

Not just for the website

You can of course place the company video on your website. After all, it is a great place to be found and for customers an opportunity to review your story again. Plus, there are many more possibilities to use a corporate video. It is the perfect way to draw attention at a trade fair or with a presentation and at the same time to show the customers who they are dealing with. Or introduce yourself to potential employees. Make this wanted professional enthusiastic to apply for your vacancy. Of course, there are many other applications possible and we would like to tell you about these.

Endless possibilities

Business or corporate films are available in all types and sizes. Together with you we look which type best suits your organisation and objective. Maybe you opt for an animation or filmed image? Or maybe for a combination of both. And will you opt for a tone that really appeals to young people or will you keep it more professional? Whatever you choose, if you have your company film produced at C4Real you are assured of quality and you are sure to make an impression.

Hungry for more

Experience yourself how successful a good corporate video is. And if you are hungry for more you can come to us for a promo film of your products and services, for an instruction film and much more. Hereby we use 3D animation and film techniques.

In C4Real you will find an advisor and specialist in visual and interactive content. We like to help you with the selection and choice of the right visual content for the right moment and for the right target group. So you make an overwhelming impression on your customers, leads and stakeholders.


We often get the question what a corporate film costs. Our corporate films are tailor-made. This will also give you a tailor-made offer. The amount of the quotation is therefore entirely dependent on the visual marketing strategy and your wishes.

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Our office is located in Enschede, where we would like to inspire you and meet you.

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