Measuring and fulfilling customer’s wishes

Measuring and fulfilling customer’s wishes

Aerospace configurator reduces Lead-time for trolly orders

Zodiac Aerospace is a major player in the aerospace industry and, among other things, supplies aircraft trolleys. There is often a lengthy lead-time when purchasing an order of trolleys.

By means of a 3D Trolley Configurator, C4Real has managed to achieve a drastic reduction in the lead-times for orders.

Deliverable: Product Cofigurator

Client: Zodiac

Technology: Interactive 3D

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Customer’s wishes

The Zodiac Aerospace sales process involves making visual proposals based on the customer’s wishes and this takes up a lot of time – often several months.

Zodiac Aerospace asked C4Real to come up with a solution that would make it possible to configure and order trolleys ‘on the spot’. Direct feedback was key.

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C4Real developed a 3D trolley configurator that enabled the Zodiac Aerospace sales department to receive direct visual feedback about the configuration that had been made. This configuration can be downloaded as a PDF file or can be sent to the customer.

A CSV file can also be sent to the production department, thus enabling production to be undertaken at top speed and resulting in a reduction of lead-times by several weeks.

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