C4Real helps Nouryon explain chemistry

C4Real helps Nouryon explain chemistry

Processes are optimised through successful collaboration

Communicating complicated subjects clearly to different target groups is not always easy. Nouryon
(formerly AkzoNobel) knows all about that. C4Real has assisted them for years in explaining chemistry in
general and Nouryon's products in particular. The aim here is always been comprehensibility and process
optimisation, both internally and externally.

Deliverables: Promo Video , Product Video , VR Training

Client: Nouryon

Technology: Virtual Reality , Movie , 3D Animation

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Visualisation at molecular level

Nouryon's customers often use the company's chemicals as ingredients for their own products. That is why composition and its added value are so important. This is where the power of visualisation comes in handy, says Haimo Tonnaer of Nouryon: “We use the knowledge of C4Real to translate business-critical products into images and to make them come alive. We do this with animation and virtual reality, which allows us to provide a proper perspective of why our products are so good and how the process works. For example, how polymers are made and how to improve their properties. We show everything in a tangible way at molecular level.”

This way of thinking is successful, which is evident from the fact that even universities are now using these visualisations for study material. It makes chemistry understandable for both Nouryon customers and students.

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Visualisation to improve safety

Many of the products Nouryon sells are hazardous substances. Customers must handle these responsibly to avoid accidents. C4Real has also made a significant contribution to safety awareness in this area, says Tonnaer: “We visualised how our customers' employees can work safely with our products through a 3D animation and as well as through a VR training session later on, which we offer to customers. The first response we get from our customers about this visual content is usually 'wow, that's really professional'. After all, we can show them what happens in a tank, things that normally remain invisible. The second response is often 'I have never seen anything like it'. We are very proud of this, being a forerunner in the chemical industry in the field of visualisation and VR training.”

This is how the processes of Nouryon's customers are optimised. But the visual approach also pays off internally at Nouryon, when it comes to improved collaboration and to prevent miscommunication.

Content for all channels

One major advantage of the visualisations that C4Real creates for Nouryon is that they provide clarification and consistency in how information is provided. In addition, they are being used for all of the company's media channels. Tonnaer: “We only used the first animations we made together for purchasing managers. But after a few years, we started noticing that these videos on YouTube had more than 50,000 views. We also started noticing it when meeting with customers, because they were excited by the animation they had seen online. Technical staff also asked if they could use the visualisations for training purposes. You can see that visual content thinking is now embedded throughout our organisation. And the return on investment is very high due to the good results we achieve with it.”

Delving into the subject matter

The many years of collaboration between Nouryon and C4Real are based on experience and genuine curiosity, says Tonnaer: “Of course, C4Real knows better than anyone how to translate such complex material into visual language, but it goes further than that. From the first meeting they show that they really want to delve into the subject matter. They ask the right questions, conduct research to ensure the best end result. Because the quality is always fantastic.”

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