VR training at Hannover Messe surprises Prince Constantijn and Minister Kamp

20 October 2020

Prince Constantijn and Minister Kamp participated in Serious VR and C4Real’s Virtual Reality (VR) training at the world’s largest industrial trade fair, the Hannover Messe, earlier this week. Sets of VR glasses allowed them to enter a digital world and experience a Virtual Reality environment.

Twente-based companies Serious VR and C4Real are involved in creating Virtual Reality software together to enable training of professionals working in industrial environments in a simple, efficient manner. The focus in these training courses is on visualisation and gamification to enable digitalised job training. Companies such as Apollo Vredestein, Thales, and Diversey Netherlands Production B.V. have already started using the VR training courses by Serious VR, a startup by Novel-T, to train their staff. As such, they are Serious VR’s launching customers. 

Collaborating is helping Serious VR move forward

Serious VR’s close collaboration with Novel-T, Twente Branding, Mikrocentrum, and Brainport Industries has afforded them good exposure in the international market. For instance, Serious VR’s stand at the Hannover Messe is located at the Holland High Tech pavilion in hall 8, which sees no less than 200,000 visitors. This pavilion features several Twente-based companies, among others, ready to show what they can do. 

In collaboration with Oost NV (the East Netherlands Development Agency), Serious VR hosted a well-attended presentation at the fair about AR (augmented reality) and VR, called ‘VR: hype or serious business?’. The presentation made it abundantly clear that VR is no longer just a hype; instead, it will drastically change ways to develop and train staff in the industry in the future. This view is supported by the attention shown by and direction taken by large multinationals and family businesses that are all staking on VR applications. This is a wonderful opportunity for Serious VR, whose fair participation is already a great success thanks to the many positive reactions and concrete leads. 

Esteemed visitors to the Hannover Messe

Prince Constantijn (StartupDelta), Secretary of Education Dekker, and Minister of Economic Affairs Kamp visited Serious VR’s fair stand earlier this week and got to experience one of these VR training courses first-hand. Prince Constantijn was pleasantly surprised by the Apollo Vredestein VR training course: “It’s good that you are able to move and take action in the space, instead of just being a passive observer. That’s better in this application than the others I’ve seen.” Minister Kamp was similarly impressed.

The next contestant in ‘Meet the Giants’

Apart from receiving loads of attention, Serious VR was also chosen to be the next contestant in ‘Meet the Giants’ on Monday. ‘Meet the Giants’ is an initiative by High Tech NL that matches large companies such as Philips, Void, and Lenze to startups to give them the opportunity to talk about growth and collaboration. As such, being named a contestant constitutes a wonderful compliment for Serious VR.

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