Review of 2018 productions

15 February 2019

2018 was a year filled with cool, beautiful, fun and impressive productions. From animations to films, from VR projects to super large 3D renders that can be printed on an entire apartment building.

To share everything would be too much, so we will cover five highlights.

Babcock and Thales

We start with the Babcock Arrowhead140.

"This was a strong team performance. It was a large and complex project for a group of large international clients. Thanks to the wonderful cooperation we achieved this project in a very short time with an amazing result according to a very satisfied customer."

Rob, studio director at C4Real


We developed animation in an innovative complex image style for Fugro.

"This time we focussed less on visualising the product and worked from a more abstract style. That led to a spectacular and unique result that both Fugro and us are very satisfied with".

Chris, art director at C4Real

Brink Climate Systems

We worked on Brink's visual content strategy and developed five instructional films and four animations with them.

"This is a project that the entire studio worked on. Everyone contributed. From strategy to concept and from 2D motion design to 3D. Very cool."

Stefan, 3D designer at C4Real


We made several visual campaigns for Pentair that have been used at various trade fairs around the world.

"We made all visual content for the Pentair trade fairs. For example, an interactive presentation, the prints on the stand, 3D animations and a corporate film on a large screen. Personally, I find the interactive presentation on a large touchscreen really cool. Because of its simplicity it works very well and it has become flowing, clear and inviting to use".

Stefan, 3D designer at C4Real


For Coulisse we created various product animations to introduce their new product lines into the market through various channels.

"A beautiful project with a very sleek design and high quality for all animations. The customer was very satisfied."

Mike, motion designer at C4Real

"These animations have all been created in one style. This creates a high degree of recognition and allows you to work within a tight budget. It all came together very nicely here."

Rob, studio director at C4Real

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