Revealing the invisible

22 June 2018
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Have you ever wondered how you can make visible what’s otherwise invisible to the human eye? In fact, you’d be astonished by what medical breakthroughs are achieving in this field.

The question has been answered in a new media presentation at the CVMP (Committee for Medicinal Products for Veterinary Use) entitled Revealing the Invisible. Various new technologies are being used to make complex phenomena visible that would otherwise remain invisible to the human eye. For example, there are techniques to visualise sound waves, heat waves and stress patterns in materials.These technologies are not yet impacting our normal everyday lives, but state-of-the-art hospitals are already using infrared cameras to measure heat and determine the course of blood vessels in humans. These blood vessels are then projected onto the body so that nursing staff are able to pinpoint the exact spot where a medical drip or injection can be administered. In this way medical blunders can be minimised yet further.

But when might this technology become useful in a day-to-day setting?

In the not too distant future, it will be possible to apply this technology in run-of-the-mill situations. For example, at some date soon, it may be possible to project all the cables and pipes onto your walls, so that you avoid the risk of drilling through them. This is just one example!

These techniques give us the possibility of seeing everything the eyes cannot see. Who knows, in a few years’ time, we perhaps won’t give a second thought to visualising things that were once invisible. It’s an area I come across quite a lot in my work at C4Real. Huge opportunities await businesses who will be able to visualise the company, its products, its processes and their added value, for example, through animation. The same will apply here too: the moment when everything becomes visible, it will become unthinkable that anything was once invisible.

It will also be possible to visualise new designs in their early stages, thus anticipating more easily the problems that may occur further down the line. In addition, a product can be launched, even though the product won’t even have been produced. But market research too can be targeted more effectively and it will enable investors to be better informed and get them to participate.

It is clear that visual aids are becoming more and more indispensible in our daily lives and many businesses are beginning to realise the potential of this.

Bart Kuipers – C4Real

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