Five impressive productions from 2019

25 October 2020

Throughout the year we work on many different projects; from visualizing an IT landscape in VR to corporate films and 3D promotional films for international product launches. In everything we do, we make complex stories simple, understandable and impactful by visualising them.

Of course you want to see all that, but to make sure you don't spend too much time clicking and watching all these cool productions, we've put together five top projects for you. If you still have time and want to see everything, check out our portfolio and our YouTube channel.

What do you see in the movie?

Ubbink - Haelix

Performance and design in one!

The Haelix valve from Ubbink provides a beautiful finish for every ventilation system in the housing construction industry. The design valve is timeless, but it is also designed for maximum air distribution. Beautiful and handy. To show this we made a slick animation for Ubbink which they use on their website.

See the animation below.

Pentair World

A successful marketing concept

Pentair is a company that carries several sub-brands and products and is a pioneer in the field of product technology in the food and beverage industry. But what do these different brands and their products mean for the customer? You can discover this with the visual concept: Pentair World. A visual world in which all market segments, brands and products of Pentair come together in one strong communicative and logical whole, from the customer's point of view. This visual concept is used as a common thread in all the visual content that Pentair currently uses.

Dura Vermeer

Corporate film about people and technology

When a company celebrates its 165th anniversary, this is a very special milestone. Dura Vermeer has reached this amazing age and wanted to release a new corporate film for the moment. As a regular visual content partner, they asked us to make an attractive film, in which they show what they mean for society by using the latest innovations in the construction industry. The result is an atmospheric film that shows the cooperation between people and technology in a beautiful way.

See the corporate film below.

Alphatronics - UNii

Impressive product introduction

What if you have a complicated product? How do you explain the added value of your product? With that question Alphatronics came to us for the launch of UNii, an innovative security system. By means of a tight 3D and 2D animations you get a glimpse into the security systems of Alphatronics. This presentation was very well received by the customers and prospects of Alphatronics.

See the trailer below.

Achmea Metropolis

IT architecture in VR

1000 Achmea employees had to switch to a new IT system. How do you get everyone enthusiastic and involved in this drastic change? In order to get everyone on the same page, we put the entire IT architecture for VVE in VR, in the city of Metropolis. It's a city where every building symbolises an IT system and the weight of the connections between these systems. In this way, it quickly became clear which system serves what and how it is connected to the other systems. The result: Insight into the IT infrastructure during on-boarding has been shortened from 2 to 3 months to 1 day. In addition, the VVE product was the first release ever to go live with 0 errors.

Read more about the Achmea case or see the casefilm below.

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